Message from the President

I am excited to take on the role as President of the Sertoma Downtown Club.I look forward to a winning year where we grow the Club, reach out to past members, and fill our calendar with events that give back to our growing Kansas City community and promote a fraternity of fellowship.

My goals:

1) Invite People. We must invite people and invite people that we like and that you are confident will add value and are good wing-men. It takes 7X (church statistic I read) of inviting people before they come. Our lunches are held at a great restaurant so this is easy.

2) Lunch every week. We have discussed going to a basic Sertoma membership where lunches are paid out of each person’s pocket and I support this move. If someone is not able to attend every week, that is fine because they will not be charged for a missed week. Also, if someone wants to have a basic meal or something more extravagant, that’s their choice and expense. The clubs that I see succeed meet every week like the Downtown Rotary Club. Also, one of the biggest reasons I support going back to an every week lunch is for both continuity and when someone joins that travels for business, if they miss a lunch, they end up missing a full month and that’s tough on the club’s spirit.

3) Professional Exclusivity (with some discretion). Ideally, let’s invite people of different professions and industries. For example, right now, we have two great real estate professionals in Mark Edmondson and Jim Waldock. Let’s patron them and support their businesses. Let’s try to grow with new business categories so that people see the financial upside/networking benefit to joining our Sertoma Club. Let’s avoid having too many people in the same category so there’s more frequent business reciprocity.

4) Song & Guest Speaker. Bob Hill sang the Sertoma song the last 2 lunches and it was fun. We need it. We also had great speakers which is one of the big reasons I joined years ago.

5) Charitable Focus. Downtown Kansas City is growing and full of energy. We will continue to support the Kansas School for the Deaf, and other great causes, but we need to look at what is happening in our ecosystem and support it. For example, there may be green spaces we can clean up Downtown or the Rivermarket, there are business events tied to Kauffman Foundation and KC Source Link etc. KC is on the move and we are the only club positioned to be part of cementing our city’s recent growth and gains.

6) Circle Wagons. I think the drop off in attendance is tied to getting away from what made the club great in the first place. I am working on a calendar of events that I think will help build excitement. Once we have that, let’s get it to old members and see if they might want to pick back up with the Sertoma Streetcar Club.

In the bond,

Joshua Hill 

President   July 2017 – July 2018