Kansas school for the blind

Kansas School for the Deaf is an educational placement for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students ranging from three to twenty-one years of age. The Kansas State Board of Education has established challenging curricular standards in the core areas of reading, mathematics, social studies, and writing. KSD has taken those standards and created curriculums based on the objectives identified by the state and then identified materials and strategies to teach the curriculum.

We believe that each student can and will learn and has the right to an academically rigorous and culturally rich environment.

KSD is an additive bilingual school in the form of maintenance where American Sign Language (ASL) and English are used equally in the classroom as the languages of instruction. We follow the frameworks of signacy, literacy, and oracy that were developed by the Center for English and ASL Bilingual Education Research (CAEBER). It is part of the KSD mission to develop in each child a native fluency in one or more languages, and through that language make accessible the same outcomes achieved by children in Kansas Public Schools. This is done by facilitating early and ongoing fluent communication in a barrier-free environment.

KSD has a campus of 16 acres and 11 buildings located in beautiful downtown Olathe, Kansas. We currently provide academic placement for 150 students, in which, half reside in our dormitories throughout the school week. Additionally, our Outreach Department provides indirect services to over 280 students across the state. Established in 1861, the Kansas School for the Deaf is one of the oldest continuously run educational facilities in the state of Kansas.


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